LEGO 367769 Ninjago Brickmaster [EN]

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Artikelnummer : LEB-367769
Leeftijd : 6+
Releasedatum : 2011
Onderdelen : 140
EAN : 9781405367769
Bevat batterijen : Nee
Categorieën : Onze mooie LEGO aanbiedingen, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Boeken

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LEGO Boeken 367769 Ninjago Brickmaster [EN]

LEGO Ninjago Brickmaster promises hours of imaginative playtime and learning for your child. Watch as they find out all about building with the LEGO bricks provided, using them again and again to build 15 exclusive Ninjago models. Ninjago is the newest LEGO theme and features modern, rather than historical, Ninja characters and the brand new Skeleton Army.If your child loves LEGO bricks they'll enjoy this book complete with 140 LEGO bricks and two exclusive Ninjago minifigures. It's an ideal book for LEGO fans of all ages.

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